Gradual Conclusions, 2008

Gradual Conclusions is a series of B&W photos, including 9 (8x10) photos, hand sewn together with fishing wire to create a quilt.

The photographs were created by scanning old family photos and turning them into negatives, then hand drawing over top the images while they were exposed in the darkroom.

This project explores many themes: family, home, dream, memory and how these connect with photography.

Gradual Conclusions investigates childhood memory, and photographs which capture moments we do not entirely remember. It explores the dream-like quality of childhood memories, attempting to piece things together to form answers and come to some sense of conclusion.

The quilt piece has since been added to, with more images sewn on. It was originally shown at the Emily Carr Grad Show in 2008, and after being reworked was shown in a solo show at Gallery Gachet, Vancouver BC in 2009.