Migration Patterns, 6 fragments of maps with Van Dyke prints

My Grade Two Journal (1-3) C-prints

(middle) Untitled, 3 (8x10) B&W images, part of Gradual Conclusion series

Homesick pt 1. handmade book with van dyke prints

Homesick pt 1. handmade book with van dyke prints

Gradual Conclusions (Revised 2009). 30 (8x10) B&W photos hand sewn together with fishing wire

Homesick pt 2, Book with iron transferred photo prints, envelopes with handwritten notes

Migration Patterns: Solo show, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver BC. Dec, 2009.

Migration Patterns

Home is a sensory experience. It is a precious collection we each have in our memories that has shaped who we are. There is no single place or item, but rather a collaboration of details stored inside our brains. We are a species bent on the notion of home. We fight wars for it, we work crappy jobs to build it, and sometimes work just as hard to forget it. We all leave home, we all find home, and we all return, each with our unique migration patterns.

Migration Patterns is a solo photo exhibition consisting of various photographic renderings of what “home” looks and feels like. It accompanied a circle discussion in the gallery between community members who also shared their memories of home.